• 2019-13-09: The program of the workshop is announced.
  • 2019-19-08: The registration is now open. We ask all participants to fill up the registration form and submit their abstract(s) there.
  • 2019-15-08: The website of the workshop is launched.

Using the link below you can pre-register yourself as a participant of the workshop and submit the titles, abstracts and preffered form (a talk or a poster, this might be required to change during the registration period) of up to three contributions. These will be later listed in the 'Abstracts' section of the website. Your participation will then later be confirmed by the organizers after the pre-registrations are processed. Should you wish to have any questions or additional requests, please contact one of the organizers listed on the contacts page

After you submit your registration, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your registration and an option to edit your registration information.



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